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Anti Wrinkle Black Collagen Eye Masks For Ladies

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Black Collagen Eye Masks For Ladies 3 Pairs The mask is made up of an exclusive system for extracting a similar thing rejuvenating attributes which usually gold offers and also infused them along with natural and organic nutrients and anti-oxidants, straight into a collagen-based all herbal anti-aging, rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle yellow cover up

It really helps to promote quick collagen and elastin synthesis and also decline in facial lines and lines

The Gold Collagen Lip Mask quickly forms a shielding layer, which straightaway reacts to the skin’s healthy chemistry and allows you to replace the collagen which usually lessens with age

This modern facial cover up is made up of 100 % high molecular place collagen with 24k orange

The collagen mask includes a molecular niche exclusion that is at least 3000 Daltons & supplies 95 % high-performance moisturizer

It tightens up your skin and facilitates the removing of toxins

This would rehydrate, rejuvenate and also regenerate the

Vendor: Fenam

Price: 23.85 USD

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Anti Wrinkle Black Collagen Eye Masks For Ladies

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