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Deluxe Manicure Set With Carrying Case Using For Travel

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Features: hundred % Totally new as well as quality which is top

The Deluxe ten portion manicure set for Journey as well as finelife consists of every one of the drills you have to have for full nail therapy

The set boasts a situation with leatherette bands which often keep each and every piece of equipment securely installed since you travel as well as can keep the journey of yours a lot more cozy

Specifications: Metal Manicure Tools Snap Closure Carry Case with Bands per Tool Case Dimensions: one x 5

375 in Set Contents: one x Large Nail Clippers one x Small Nail Clippers one x Cuticle Scissors one x Tweezers one x Cuticle Pusher one x Nail File one x Toe Nail Clippers one x Ear Cleaner one x Nail Nipper one x Cuticle Gouge

Vendor: Fenam

Price: 30.64 USD

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Deluxe Manicure Set With Carrying Case Using For Travel

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