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Shiny Lip Gloss Plump Lips Jelly Lips, 1#

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100 % Real Lip Enhancement! Add high-quality lip plumping fluid, safe and reliable lip plumping

9 colors are available, translucent color may effectively moisturize lips and also enhance the color of lips

Widely used lustrous lip gloss, glass lip glaze

Colors available: 9 Colors 1# SH: Warm nude (glossy+ small glitter)

2# TL: light peachy pink(glossy+glitter)

3# VV: Bright tangerine with soft golden sheen(glossy+glitter)

4# AU: half transparent bright coral red (glossy) 5# BW: half transparent murky red(glossy) 6# AT: Earthy yellow(glossy+glitter) 7# DC: Warm rose(glossy) 8# QT: Soft opalescent pink with purple sheen(glossy+glitter) 9# PR: Transparent(glossy) <p


Price: 37.74 USD

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Shiny Lip Gloss Plump Lips Jelly Lips, 1#

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