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Professional Contour Blending Makeup Sponge

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Contour Blending Makeup Sponge 3 Colors When a makeup sponge is moistened, its open cells fill with water

This enables cosmetics to sit down on the sponge???s top instead of be absorbed by it, which enables you to run much less product

The sponge increases in dimension somewhat when wet and comes back to its classic size when dried out

The best way to Put it to use Wet the cosmetics sponge applicator Lightly towel-dry the sponge Dip the sponge into cosmetics Dab sponge on facial skin until desired coverage is reached Allow sponge to fully dry out before using again Color: 1 pack consist of pink, purple and black color

Helps ensure streak-free makeup application Allows a lesser amount of makeup product to be used

Vendor: Mohte Berli

Price: 32.75 USD

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Professional Contour Blending Makeup Sponge

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