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Newest Eyelash Curler Indispensable For Perfect Makeup

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This revolutionary eyelash curler includes an unique curved style and design which in turn fits most eye styles

The silicone rubber pads put on the proper length of force to curl lashes by natural means for an ideal standing for hours on end

Open the eyelash curler and set eyelashes in between the 2 eyelash pads

Ensure the curler is as around the bottom of the lashes as possible

Without the need for a good deal of force, lightly in close proximity the curler in the bottom of the lash, making certain to stay away from tugging or perhaps pulling

Store for a few seconds to curl the lash

Add a layer of your preferred mascara to establish the curl

Vendor: Fenam

Price: 15.28 USD

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Newest Eyelash Curler Indispensable For Perfect Makeup

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