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Extracted Women’s Fragrance Set Natural Oils Limited Edition Truth And

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Extracted Women’s Fragrance Set Skin oils Limited Edition Truth And Wellness From Within Product that is new

New Limited Edition Scent extracted amber smoke teak timber 4x 15mL container Surround yourself with convenience and serenity personified in this delicate combination of bergamot jasmine musk vanilla

Confident to allow your femininity shine brightly

Verbena peony amber musk is a warm fragrance that will sweeten your perspective on love

Capture the power and spontaneity of an innovative mix of mandarin peony rosewood tonka

A delightful fragrance that defines your active way of life

Soothe your soul with fine notes of amber smoke teak wood

The purest way to remind yourself that much less is much more

Embrace the knowledge of pure handcrafted perfumes with extracted all-natural oils

Vendor: Extracted

Price: 17.35 USD

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Extracted Women's Fragrance Set Natural Oils Limited Edition Truth And

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