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Knutek Whipped Oxygen Cream,

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KNutek Whipped Oxygen Cream, (2, 4oz/120ml PACK) Under exclusive contract with kNutek Skin Care By Suzie is able to distribute original kNutek products in the original formula & names

They are labeled with the skin Care By Suzie logo, All pro sizes will be sold under the new LIV by kNutek and the new product name kNutek Whipped Oxygen Cream kNutek Our Best Selling Product! Voted The very best Cream in the world By Salon Professionals MSM and Oxygen Plasma in a topical moisturizer

Approach for crows feet, Treatment for stretch marks Aging skin

Reduce dark circles under eyes Active Ingredients: Jojoba Oil – Treatment for crows feet, wrinkles, stretch marks and aging skin

Squalene – High in vitamin A & D, healing agent, also used to treat burn victims

Licorice Extract – Balances the pigmentation in the skin for more even skin tone

Vendor: Whipped Oxygen Cream

Price: 100.75 USD

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Knutek Whipped Oxygen Cream,

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