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Hibiscus-rose Pink Himalayan Crystal Cleaner & Bath Soak Detox

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Himalayan pink salt as well as epsom salts, rosehip Oil, dried rose petals and hibiscus

When choosing a salt to soak in, the pure red Himalayan assortment reigns supreme!

Here are several of the benefits you are able to be expecting when you immerse yourself in a Himalayan salt?bath:

Therapeutic –
Research backs up the anxiety relieving influences of bathing

In fact, enjoying a mineral bath is a kind of therapy?? known as?balneotherapy

Daily we’re subjected to countless toxins?? from?our food, our air,?our water?and our?and home products, why not have a personal care arsenal of items which are safe for you

Black Lotus Handmade Healing has you covered

Those who suffer with painful arthritis, sore or pulled muscles,?stiff joints?or a variety of other aches and pains will benefit enormously from a Himalayan pink salt water bath

As well as stimulate circulation of blood, deep cleaning skin, relieving sinuses, soothing bites and blister

Vendor: Black Lotus of Baltimore

Price: 10.00 USD

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Hibiscus-rose Pink Himalayan Crystal Cleaner & Bath Soak Detox

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