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Black Cherry Probiotic Vagina Yogurt

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Black Cherry Probiotic Vagina Yogurt provides maximum body odor control

This specific device is made up of great bacteria, Lactobacillus acidophilus, to deal with bad bacteria

This kind of vaginal lotion is a gentle and concentrated

When put on externally to the vagina, Vagi-Pal Vagina Yogurt zeroes in on bacteria which are bad, yeast, plus more

With continued use, Vagi-Pal Probiotic Vagina Yogurts helps balance vaginal flora

A well-balanced vaginal flora helps bring about sufficient amounts of moisture level in the vagina, reduces itch, fight irritation, soothes dryness

Start feeling invigorated and also feed your vagina what it needs

Vendor: Greenway Health Market

Price: 27.95 USD

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Black Cherry Probiotic Vagina Yogurt

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