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Streak-free Beauty Sponge Makeup Applicator, 6 Pcs

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Get a streak-free and flawless finish like a professional makeup artist with such makeup applicator sponges! Get six parts of these expandable sponges and you are able to achieve the gorgeous skin of the dreams of yours right at home, without going to a costly beauty products studio or a beauty parlor! This beauty products applicator sponge gives a smooth and flawless look to the face of yours every time you use it

Simply wet the sponge so it expands giving you a more smooth surface area to do the job with

Then using an incredibly small amount of skin care products like a primer, the appropriate shade of foundation, and bronzer or blush, blend, just blend, blend! It is going to make the face glow of yours with organic beauty also you’re not wasting too much product either, as a little makeup goes a long way with such applicators! Simply rinse the sponge to clean it which is like brand-new again! Behind every beautiful face there’s this Makeup Applicator,

Vendor: Home Parlor

Price: 20.95 USD

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Streak-free Beauty Sponge Makeup Applicator, 6 Pcs

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