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Sacred Yoni Oil

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This particular oil is a combination of effective oils curated and design to honor probably the most sacred portions of you

This engine oil can be used for lubrication

It is also used to keep your organic flora in balance

May be utilized to cure sores as well as
dim spots

Ingredients include neem, calendula, shepards purse, burdock and rosehip, Cold press organic olive oil, Organic non gmo coconut oil, Organic neem engine oil, Organic lavender, Virgin red raspberry engine oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E

More Benefits normally include: Aids with preventing Bacterial Vaginosis(BV)
Relieves Vaginal dryness
Rids Odor
Naturally restores flora balance
Promotes organic toning and tightening
Relieves Vaginal itching
Safe for individual massage lubricating level balls or yoni eggs

Can be utilized daily, after bath apply to vulva region twice daily or even as needed

Vendor: EarthMe Essentials llc.

Price: 14.00 USD

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Sacred Yoni Oil

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