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24k Gold Collagen Device For Women

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Gold communication on the skin is going to release human interaction, positive ions, and negative ions, to encourage blood circulation among ions of the business, creating brand new power, in order to better blood circulation, hasten skin! Ingredients:24K lively gold, jojoba oil, collagen, ginseng extract, etc

Efficacy: For neck lines, other and dry problems, the effective 24K energetic gold revitalizing capacity, can easily promote metabolism, anti aging, hydrating heal fine lines, effective skin care, smooth firm skin, skin recreate the glory

Usage: After finishing your cleaning regimen utilize certain moisturizing lotion or maybe cream to the finger pads of yours, lightly massage in concert to warm up itand pertain to the facial skin as well as neck in outward and upward moves

In order to be hydrating dairy on the facial skin to remain a couple of mins later, you are able to touch the facial skin with cells, soaking up extra emulsion, to better the lustrous occurrence

Vendor: Fenam

Price: 30.64 USD

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24k Gold Collagen Device For Women

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