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Classic Metallic Temporary Tattoos & Made Of Waterproof Material

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This tattoos features temporary metallic adhesive stickers that you can adorn your body with

It lasts for 4-6 days and is made of waterproof material

Removes easily with baby oil, is hypoallergenic and non-toxic

It features a metallic adhesive stick that you can put to on your body

2 sheets of 15 bracelet/armbands/ankle bracelet and 2 sheets with over 40 icons good for earrings, rings, charms and shimmer

It is available in two colors, gold and silver

Using baby oil, the metallic tattoo will removed easily

It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, hence it’s definitely safe for all skin types

Lasts for 4-6 days! 70 metallic tattoos with 2 available colors! Made of waterproof material! Use sponge to apply on your skin for easy-on style! Applicable only for 8 years old and up!

Vendor: Mohte Berli

Price: 22.17 USD

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Classic Metallic Temporary Tattoos & Made Of Waterproof Material

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