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Yoni Bar

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Yoni Detox bars have been upgraded over the years to a much higher level of detoxification

These specific bars are engineered specifically to give the most optimum absorption from all the natural detoxifying herbs involved

These herbs are Red clover, Rosemary, Motherswort, Golden Cypress,Dragonis, Borneol, Lavender and other essential therapeutic botanicals

Each herb used in these bars has a very specific job to do

Some of those are the to promote cell rejuvenation, Quickly reduces inflammation, Kills body odors plus odors lingering causing bacteria, constipation, fatigue, dry skin, oily skin, kills microscopic foreigners from deep within your cells

They also neutralize scars, boils, eczema and acne

Once you start the first use of your detox bar your cells will instantly start to cry out from reaping the benefits of the nourishing properties of the powerful healing herbs from targeting and penetrating the cells and releasing trapped toxins from inside and outside of the skin

Vendor: EarthMe Essentials llc.

Price: 10.00 USD

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   Yoni Bar

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