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Vagi Doc™ Candida Yeast Vagina Wash

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Vagi-Doc Candida Yeast Vagina Wash is a light cleansing, completely common, yeast assaulting soap bar which employs natural anti fungal essences, oils and extracts to blast persistent, itchy, froth producing yeast infection

Helps you relax and also cool persistent and annoying itch

Use day to adventure alleviation from yeast

Go on a stance from cottage cheese, discharge, swelling and also itchiness

And take action without stripping the vagina of yours of natural moisture, resulting in pH disruption or perhaps introducing chemicals which are harmful to your prized body

For the very best effects, work with in combo with a sugar totally free diet while using hundred % synthetic undergarments

Product Size: eight ounces

Features clean Coconut Oil, Plantain Oil, Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Pau D’ Arco, Organic olive oil, Olive Leaf, Vitamin E, B Vitamins and also more

First pay a visit to your doctor for treatment of any irregular dryness, discomfort, lumps, itching, swelling, leakage, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual transmitted infection, or maybe

Vendor: Greenway Health Market

Price: 34.00 USD

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Vagi Doc™ Candida Yeast Vagina Wash

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