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Ritual Shower Gels Part 2

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Ceridwen??s Shower Gels have been completely handcrafted from a family formula which has been transferred for thirty years with the help of the healing waters which often run from the same geothermal recreation as in the healing spas in Arkansas

They are hand combined at simply the proper time of the day and level of the moon to get the perfect energy to your bath or perhaps shower experience

The exact same gel is generally chosen for a luxurious soak in a Bubble Bath or perhaps the little ones to splash around in an interesting Bubble Bath with a set intention!

Choose from:

BEAUTY (default) – start using this gel as a reflection to remind and also explain to you the beauty you possess within

To feel beautiful in your body, spirit and also mind

DIANA – use this gel to boost fertility, as well as draw a lot more nature into your regular life

Diana will be the Goddess of Nature, the hunt, the moon, and is also linked with animals which are wild and also woodland

SUCCESS in LIFE – work with this gel to get supportive vitality to get your life’s passion

Vendor: Memento Mori LA

Price: 16.00 USD

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Ritual Shower Gels Part 2

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