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Body Merry Bm-ssc-10123 Smooth Shave Moisturizing Cream

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Body Merry Super Shave Moisturizing Cream, The Body Merry Super Shave is a smooth moisturizing shave cream

It will help you get the closest shave, free of nicks, cuts as well as razor burn

The cream includes natural shea as well as coconut oil extracts with rice bran for a smooth shaving encounter daily

Body Merry s Super Shave Moisturizing Cream is filled with natural goodness that tames your beard & and shields your skin to get a shave close

Very Shave Moisturizing Cream Features: Shave Cream, Moisturizes Skin, Contains The Following: – Natural Shea Extracts – Organic olive oil – Rice Bran, Shea Organic olive oil, For Men

Vendor: Body Merry

Price: 16.95 USD

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Body Merry Bm-ssc-10123  Smooth Shave Moisturizing Cream

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