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5” Exfoliating Tri Color Mesh Pouf Shower Sponge Draizee

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POUF: Made out of netted substance looped into areas of mesh

It is suggested for sanitary reasons to replace your pouf after every 3 days

LATHER: The big 5 inch diameter pouf creates a huge surface area

Ideal for developing a sudsy experience and also positioning the lather

Healthy EXFOLIATION FOR skin that is sensitive: While offering excellent exfoliation this particular pouf is milder than loofahs for SKIN that is sensitive! Three COLORS IN ONE: Each of our excellent poufs come in three colors that are brilliant! Upgrade foot bath time and make it enjoyable! DRAIZEE QUALITY: The Draizee brand can be a badge a camera which indicates quality and excellent customer service

If you notice the Draizee logo you understand your purchase is but one you can stand behind

Quality Made out of high quality materials this particular bath sponge will most likely generate bath time more pleasurable

Just lather up your favorite liquid soap and scrub

Vendor: Draizee

Price: 10.49 USD

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5'' Exfoliating Tri Color Mesh Pouf Shower Sponge  Draizee

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