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Complete Skin Solutions Vitamin C 20% Advanced Formula +

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Complete Skin Solutions Vitamin C twenty % Advanced Formula + (one oz)–(Compared to Skinceuticals Vitamin C twenty %) This powerful antioxidant serum has an impressive amount of twenty % vitamin C (stabilized L Ascorbic acid), and 0

5 % ferulic acid giving an optimum amount of protection against harmful sun rays (ultraviolet light – UVA/UVB), environmental pollutants, along with free radical assault

Highly concentrated, this vitamin C serum is going to boost antioxidant performance of additional Complete Skin Solutions products used within a good skin routine

Results are improved skin firmness, diminished brown spots and grow old, reduced pigmentation, with general better, more protected epidermis

A greater awareness of vitamin C is particularly for those in need of intensively greater amounts of vitamin C

Greater amount s of vitamin C benefits the skin as being a key co factor in the production of collagen to

Vendor: Complete Skin Care And More!

Price: 52.48 USD

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Complete Skin Solutions Vitamin C 20% Advanced Formula +

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