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Allcana’s K-beauty V-line Face Lifting Mask Double Chin Reducer, Lifting

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ANTI-AGING CHIN MASK] Proven impact for girls & males

Give the face of yours, neck & chin taut also incomparably younger appearance! [LIFTING EFFECTS] Because of gravity, the face contour of ours will lose definition and shape

Our mailing list mask potent elements assured to enhance firmness & firm up loose skin around the neck & jawline which functions to shape and lift up your face line

[DOUBLE CHIN REDUCER] Makes skin nourished & moist

Chin lift design mask – advertising radiant and youthful skin [HYPO ALLERGENIC V LINE LIFTING PATCHES] Comfortable and soft content of experience lifting tape secure for all skin types

You are able to see significantly firmer chin line of minutes! Pick v mask frequently to attain a long lasting impact [Key Ingredients] Water that is pure, Anthocyanin, Seaweed Extract, Glycerol, Hydrogel, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E

Vendor: Allcana

Price: 14.69 USD

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Allcana's K-beauty V-line Face Lifting Mask Double Chin Reducer, Lifting

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