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Lime Crime Cherry Potion Lip Gloss

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A limited edition bundle featuring 4 sparkly large glosses:Monster Cherry: Serpentina eco-friendly sparkleSpooky Cherry: Black with iridescent sparkleCherry Potion: Red yellow sparklePoison Cherry: Poisonberry sparkleSparkly large finish is loaded with iridescent pearls which light up lips

Clear pigments allow the mouth of yours purely natural beauty shine through

Nice chubby tube with over sized doe foot applicator allows you to stuff on shine

“What It Does: Smooths on an ultra glossy sheen which seems delightfully comfy on the mouth of yours

What it really Will not Do: Bleed, crease or even feel really tacky

TIPS: Apply on lips that are blank or maybe level with any lipstick for a damp reflective outcome

Feelin’ juicy yet?|Lime Crime Cherry Potion Lip Gloss

Vendor: Lime Crime

Price: 18.00 USD

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Lime Crime Cherry Potion Lip Gloss

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