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Onyx Moisturizer

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Ingredients: water, shea butter, honey, carrot seed oil, titanium dioxide, red raspberry, zinc oxide

*non scented

two oz

Glass amber recyclable pump can

Disclaimer: legally we can’t put an SPF amount because of it not becoming FDA reviewed

However to get hold of a concept carrot oil drilling includes an SPF selection of forty, raspberry has a variety of 28 60, as well as zinc & titanium are well recognized active ingredients in mineral store purchased sunscreens

Disclaimers: all components are organic & amp; most non-chemical but end usage If irritation happens, carry on out of access of pets and kids, not accredited by the FDA, seek advice from you health care provider if pregnant or perhaps have any pre existing problems

We’re not responsible for allergies or any skin

Please read ingredients to make certain you’re not sensitive to all of the components

External use merely

All products are handmade to purchase in minimal batches

Vendor: Cinply Essentials

Price: 16.00 USD

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Onyx Moisturizer

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