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Water Misting Fan Powerful And Safe Flexible Fan Blades, Blue

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“Feel fresh all the time with the aid of wetness misting fan

This kind of handy device includes a thumb-activated pump trigger which usually will function only on your command

It does not need a battery to work as it is manually operated

This nice misting fan has a huge mouth opening that allows you to quickly add ice if you need all the more cooling

You can bottle of spray a maximum of 1,000 mists per total fill

So when you leave the house, whether it’s at the ballpark, a camping adventure or perhaps just a backyard hangout, be certain to always keep the O2 water bottle of spray fan along for an instant bust of ice-cold mist if you choose to need it

Thumb-activated pump result in Large lips opening to allow for ice Water bottle of spray fan yields around 1,000 mists per fill Powerful along with safe, elastic fan cutting blades Great for sporting events, pools and also theme parks Dimensions: 3

55″”H Manually operated; does not need a battery”

Vendor: Fenam

Price: 30.64 USD

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Water Misting Fan Powerful And Safe Flexible Fan Blades, Blue

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