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Black Agate

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Agates are grounding stones, taking about a psychological, bodily, and intellectual harmony

They help in centering & stabilizing actual physical energy

“A tension relieving and also calming stone, Agate is working at a low speed but sends great strength

The multiple tiers of its are able to draw secret info to light

Psychologically, Agate softly facilitates approval of one’s person

It helps perception and self analysis of secret cases, bringing to the awareness of yours any kind of condition which is interfering with your well being

“Agates enhance brain function as concentration is improved by them, perception, and analytical abilities, resulting in useful solutions

Agate’s love of truthfulness motivates talking one is very own point

Agates with clear crystals are able to promote memories

“Emotionally, this specific crystal overcomes bitterness and negativity of the heart

“It heals interior anger, cultivating like as well as the courage to begin once again

It’s very helpful for each kind of psychological stress

Vendor: EarthMe Essentials llc.

Price: 55.00 USD

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Black Agate

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