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Elite Brush Set

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The Elite Brush Set is a considerable collection of professional quality, decorative brushes to develop almost any look, from a perfect complexion to gorgeous, smoky eyes

This first class set features twenty-four exquisite bamboo-handled brushes which offer both excellent durability and craftsmanship

Each and every brush has a matte, black ferrule that keeps the softest, lush, cream, synthetic bristles that are excellent for placing both, dry and liquid products

Most 24 brushes are packed in a leatherine case that may fold up and be secured with magnets, enabling easy travel and storage

This particular set contains the following brushes: Elite Flat Buffer, Elite Tapered Powder, Elite Powder, Elite Angled Blush, Elite Flat Multipurpose, Elite Foundation, Elite Large Shadow, Elite Pointed Precision, Elite Doefoot Blender, Elite Fan, Elite Flat Tipped Shadow, Elite Dome Shadow, Elite Pointed Blender, Elite Blender, Elite Concealer, Elite Angled Shadow, Elite Flat Liner, Elite Brow, Elite Detail Pointed, Elite Small Shadow, Elite Fine Liner, Elite Liner, Elite Detail Mini, Elite Angled LinerDimensions: OPENED Length: 26

Vendor: Coastal Scents

Price: 49.95 USD

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Elite Brush Set

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