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Ten Dual Action Stretch Mark Cream

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Audio Skincare Science Dual Action – reduction and prevention

Restores and also increases skin’s suppleness

SCIENCE AND NATURE COMBINED 10 Stretch Mark Cream Contains a cutting-edge formula of established ingredients of organic roots, to assist with the prevention as well as minimization of stretch marks

The softness and flexibility of skin is enhanced making use of a choice of oils (jojoba engine oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil), Sericin and shea butter

Shea butter can help ease some soreness that is happening to the skin of yours, whilst growing

The avocado oil has strong moisturising attributes, which happen to have long been utilized throughout history to moisturize skin that is dried up

But, it’s the syngergistic qualities of the components of ours that really help stop as well as minimize the appeal of stretch makrs

Compatible with breastfeeding; Always observe strongly suggested breastfeeding guidelines

Vendor: ‘-Ten-

Price: 36.73 USD

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Ten Dual Action Stretch Mark Cream

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