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Brush Affair Vanity Collection In “orchid”

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Go through The greatest Luxuriously Colorful Brush Set!The Brush Affair Vanity Collection, in color “Orchid”, is a complete collection of luxurious, skilled makeup brushes

Each bright colored brush caters to a distinct necessity irrespective of what look you’re working to accomplish

This specific set includes 22 beautiful bamboo-handled brushes, with matte black ferrules, and super soft synthetic bristles, excellent for placing simultaneously dry and liquid products

Many 22 brushes fit perfectly together in a matte black, leatherine event that may fold up and be secured with magnets, making this specific set great for travel

This set includes the subsequent brushes:1

 Angled LinerDimensions: OPENED Length: 24

Vendor: Coastal Scents

Price: 49.95 USD

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