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*march Sale For Women’s Month Bundle

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Happy Women’s History Month
Here’s to leaping into a brand new month with trust and confidence

-1 sage stick
-1 final eye oil roller infused with herbal plants botanicals, natural essential oils and crystals
-1 hibiscus-rose pink himalayan salt soak/crystal cleanser
-6 organic infused zen tealight candles
-4 nag champa meditation incense
-4 package hibiscus- Green tea extract for anxiety alleviation

* continually use care when dealing with flames and sage

Have a glass bowl, plate, abalone shell to capture ember and ash

Don’t leave candles/sage unattended or even near open windows with breezes

Stay away from children as well as pets unless obviously you are smudging them yourself

We use non-GMO natural as well as vegan ingredients

There aren’t any sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances considered since our aim is to provide products that are good for you and the environment

We encourage you to Up-Cycle/ re-use your containers by including a little plant to them

Vendor: Black Lotus of Baltimore

Price: 30.00 USD

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*march Sale For Women's Month Bundle

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