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Love Oil

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Love oil supports deep passion, attachment, intimacy, warmth, tenderness, fondness, endearment

Work with it for anointing magickal tools, rubbed into the body or added to a water

It is able to also be added to pot pourri or incense and can also be utilized to anoint charm bags, other talismans and mojo bags & amulets

It’s also great for anointing candles and altars

Hand combined and hence separately made, these amazing blends of good quality pure oils, gemstone essences, moreover magically energetic plant based extracts are gathered and prepared underneath the correct sensational factors and phases of the moon

Based on arcane awareness, magical aromatherapy is a mix of supernatural and natural energies working together for evolutionary change and transformation

Vendor: Memento Mori LA

Price: 15.00 USD

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Love Oil

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