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24k Gold & Collagen Brilliant Skin Toner

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Outstanding Skin Toner Infused with 24k yellow as well as collagen For radiant and luminous skin 150ml Imported DIRECTIONS: After cleansing the facial skin, consistently use appropriate level of the item onto the epidermis, massage lightly until absorbed

Keep it in a cool and dry area, stay away from the immediate exposure to the sun

If sensitive symptom or any soreness happens, do discontinue using quickly and con a physician

Propylene glycol glycerin polyglycerin 6, corn gluten amino acids phenoxyetha nol, polyacrylic acid, peg 50 hydrogenated castor engine oil, nonoxynol 14 triethanolamine, fragrance

Vendor: Mohte Showroom

Price: 37.11 USD

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24k Gold & Collagen Brilliant Skin Toner

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