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Facial 140 Micro Needles Stamp Roller Anti Aging Reduce Skin Acne Wrinkle Scar

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Item Type:Microneedle StampColor: WhiteNeedle Material: Medical SteelNeedle Quantity:140 needlesHandle Material: PlasticNet Weight: 20gNeedle Depth: App 0

8 x 13cmPackage Included:1Pc x Microneedle Stamp(10 needle degree for picking) Function:1

Skin hospitable, protected and speedier skin restructuring

5mm: Once every 2 months if utilised flippantly, as soon as every 3 4 months if used increasingly vigorously

(Note: Utilize the Needle once again simply after the preceding wound will be all healed up

Make use of face cleaner to wash your skin space that you’d like to treatment method for;2

Disinfect the micro needles in the seventy five % alcohol or regular saline / uv ray;3

Dissolve the lyophilized stamp & powder with needles with each other (need to use with relevant essence);4 or perhaps lyophilizedpowder

Operate approximately 8 15min per element stamping by cross way;5

Skin operating sequence: Foreheadthe correct size face–the that remains sizing face;6

It is going to be a lot better when dropping lyophilized powder or perhaps relevant heart in the identical period when stamping;7

Use the specific ice skin cover up after stamping, implement for aproximatelly 30min (Cannot laundry with water);8

The operation skin region does not have the capability to touch wat

Vendor: Newchic

Price: 35.17 USD

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Facial 140 Micro Needles Stamp Roller Anti Aging Reduce Skin Acne Wrinkle Scar

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