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1, 3 Oz. Traditional & Exotic Oils

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(Choose your five Traditional or maybe Exotic Oils from the entire fragrance checklist and type in them in the note aisle at check out

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Perfume engine oil is utilized to create a selection of cosmetic products, lotions, candles, soaps, perfume, like cologne, and so on

Including fragrance oil to perfume is made by alcohol and cologne sprays generally bought at department stores

The combination is generally aproximatelly fifteen % oil as well as eighty five % alcohol

Cologne as well as perfume sprays just keep going for a brief period

This’s since the alcohol speeds up the evaporation operation

This’s exactly why perfume & colognes are very effective when first sprayed then dissipates rapidly

These fragrance oils have hardly any alcohol

Simply because oil takes a lot longer to evaporate these perfume and cologne oils give off a regular fragrance that will last

These’re scent cologne oils NOT beard oils

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Vendor: Celtic Wolf Fragrances

Price: 25.00 USD

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 1, 3 Oz. Traditional & Exotic Oils

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