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Silky Smooth Face Brush Pink Color Ceauty Tools

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This amazing face area brush has countless very small, fine bristles, and that is a must-have as portion of your skin care regimen

The very small fine bristles hard work to gently remove blackheads and also earth passing on to skin radiant and is also great for day use

Tips on how to Use: Wet bristles and also slap on a tiny amount of your favorite cleanser

Gently brush entire face in a circular motion

There is no need to press the bristles difficult into the skin

To Clean: Rinse and hang dry out after use

Wash with mild shampoo and after that hang dry out weekly

33 Approx Package included: 1pcs lightly brush Color: Random

Vendor: Fenam

Price: 15.28 USD

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Silky Smooth Face Brush Pink Color Ceauty Tools

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