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Moon Water

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Fully recharged Snow Moon Water from 2/9/2020

Moon Water is an old ritual for men and ladies and also is best charged on the very first night of the Full Moon

Our Moon Water is 100 % Full Moon energized distilled water

You can find numerous strategies to make use of the Moon Water once it is charged and it is edible

Common Uses Include:
Personal advancement? Banishings
? Release? Manifestation Spells? Healing
Potions? Ritual Recipes For Feasts
? Anointing? Blessings? Cleansing
? Feeding Magical Plants? Charging
Crystals? Consecrating Magickal Tools
? Elemental Magick? Divination? Ritual
Baths? Initiations? Activating a spell,
poppet, item, etc

PLUS!! After the water is used you can refill with your own water as well as recharge yourself! Just refill the container with sterilized water as well as charge by the light of the next full moon from your own backyard or maybe balcony! enjoy your own moon energized water for a lifetime to come!
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Vendor: Memento Mori LA

Price: 16.00 USD

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Moon Water

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