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Popular Magic Painless Hair Removal Depilation Sponge

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Features:r contour: normal water decline contour and also heart shape,send by arbitrary r 1

A extremely adorable small thing, total safety, to never harm the your skin Oh! The basic principle is the fact that the initial ground, go tresses, set an end to point shaving making the newest long haired very long thicken hard!r 2

The layout is rather user friendly, with 2 faces, khaki face – all to easy to hair, green surface area – lubricate the skin

It can certainly be reused, after cleansing with water could be dirty

Don’t make use of alkaline solvent cleaning, have an effect on the outcomes drops

Skin friendly foam content, oh, quite delicate, remove body hair with no pain drops, are in need of parents who patiently polished (circles) are able to focus on music while watching television while grinding Oh, regular is 5 10 minutes polished overall look in similar situation are something that can be cleared body hair! r Note:We do not give the option of style,we and color will send out the item at arbitrary hope you are able to understandr r How

Vendor: Uncle Thank’s Store

Price: 23.09 USD

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 Popular Magic Painless Hair Removal Depilation Sponge

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