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10 Pieces Superior Full Face Kit

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Prep the Lips with a lip scrub, exfoliate lightly to moisturize the mouth area passing on to them healthy and smooth

Contour the Eyes??? Starting out at the lash line use the base color eyeshadow in the whole eyelid

??? At this point decide on a light color as well as use on the brow bone, basically under the arch of your respective eyebrow

??? Then, make use of a medium tone eyeshadow in the exterior eyelid & on the crease

‘ Then, you cna put on a rich color in the exterior nook & along the top of lash line, blending to stay away from aggressive lines

Line the Eyes making use of fluid eyeliner over the top lash line as around the lashes as is possible

For a winged eyeliner come out, extend the series from the outside corner upwards towards the conclusion of the eyebrow

After that, get a line back down to the outside corner of the eye

From the prolonged line of yours, draw downward in a triangle shape to the center of the lash line directlyto a small line to the

Vendor: Fenam

Price: 32.34 USD

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10 Pieces Superior Full Face Kit

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