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Digital Ropeless Cardio Electronic Indoor&outdoor Wireless Cordless

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The Ropeless Jump Rope gives you all of the fat loss, body-shaping, heart pumping, benefits of jumping rope

Without the rope! Comes sealed with bubble packaging with instruction hand

Cardio Jump has a built in workout monitor

Input the weight of yours plus desired workout time which tracks as well as displays the jump repetitions of yours, calories burned, and exercise time for a more efficient workout

Excellent to be used in limited space indoors and will not interrupt the workout of yours by getting caught on the feet of yours like traditional ropes may

The ropeless jump rope system is powered by Lithium Ion batteries(Included)

Cardio Fitness Jump Ropeless Jump Rope System w/ DVD as well as Meal Guide Behave as a kid once again plus workout in the same time! This jump system, designed for any age as well as fitness levels, is ready for travel or home use

And good for enhancing flexibility, endurance, and coordination

Vendor: Mohte Showroom

Price: 16.79 USD

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Digital Ropeless Cardio Electronic Indoor&outdoor Wireless Cordless

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