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Perfect Face Powder Mask

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Face Powder Mask 24k Active Gold And Make Skin Moist White Clear Product Features: 24k Gold Face Powder Mask 50g

It has far better effect to blend it with milk and also honey

Ingredients: 24K effective orange, gold powder, whitening factor, vegetal pollen, HA, arbutin

Efficiency: 24K active gold replenishes whitening electrical power into skin, and efficiently raise luster, and make skin moist, yellow, clear and tender instead of dull

Effectively deliver essences into deep skin with orange powder, whiten and moisturize skin, improve microcirculation, decompose as well as get rid of melanin, balance oil and also water and keep skin fresh, shiny and firm

Direction: After cosmetic cleaning, blend it with water which is clear, uniformly increase it onto face, wash with water which is clear 1520 minutes in the future

It has far better effect to combine it milk and also honey

Vendor: Mohte Showroom

Price: 19.90 USD

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Perfect Face Powder Mask

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