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Shea With Cocoa Butter

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Shea with Cocoa Butter includes pure African Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter together in a wealthy mixture, which may subsequently be softened in the palm of your hand

Known to help you in the safeguards and revitalization of skin and hair, you can apply it generously to the whole body as well as the head

This particular ideal combination provides the best of both worlds and offers an indulgent, earthy aroma

Each jar comes with a clear plastic scoop for your convenience

FAIR TRADEFollowing the strict guidelines of Fair Trade, the producer of our Shea with Cocoa Butter pays higher prices because of this item, which supplies the ladies in the Northern Region of Ghana with interest-free loans, credit facilities, packaging training, labeling, and quality control

Thus, a higher cost for their quality processed Shea with Cocoa Butter is justified

If you purchase our Fair Trade Shea with Cocoa Butter, you are allowing the Tamale and also Wa ladies which process our product to exist with dignity and purchase their families, communities, and the environment

Coastal Scents, through Project Ghana, is very proud to create these natural products as well as share in a special partnership to better the lives of the ladies as well as families of Ghana

Whenever you go shopping our Project Ghana solutions, you can really feel self-assured that you are triggering the livelihood and betterment of the Ghanaian village ladies as well as their families

 For external make use of just and really should be kept out of the access of children

Ingredients: 100 % Natural Shea Butter, 100 % Natural Cocoa Butter

Vendor: Coastal Scents

Price: 12.95 USD

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Shea With Cocoa Butter

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