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Dermatouch Tools Men’s Skin Perfecting System

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The Dermatouch Men’s Skin Perfecting System facial brush set is an experienced home use facial brush that helpsyour skin to breath, rejuvenate, and renew

This unique motor-driven facial brush set is meant to help create skin for smooth shaving by helping to open follicles, effectively decreasing ingrown hairs and taking away oily residues that may bring about breakouts

The facial brush set completely detoxifies the epidermis, helping to removedirt and smog, while trying to eliminate blackheads

Along side your home care program, this particular facial brush works to wash away the top levels of dead skin and build up, giving you a toned, healthy complexion

Vendor: Dermatouch

Price: 31.49 USD

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Dermatouch Tools Men's Skin Perfecting System

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