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Bump Destroy™ Bikini Bump G3 Aftershave

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Bikini Bump G3 Aftershave is a must have for every woman handling razor bumps, waxing lumps, or perhaps electric shaver bumps

Start using soon after shaving to eliminate the little red and also purple protrusions that develop on skin after shaving

This is a great all natural system that is an excellent option for skin which is vulnerable

It does not sting and also does not contain alcohol

Bikini Bump G3 Aftershave soothes razor burn, razor incisions, and shaving scrapes

This is the final aftershave for women as it contains vitamin E and Collagen that will help skin look more youthful and feel smoother

If you have facial hair you can make use of this on your face

Bump Destroy Invisible Bikini Bump Cleanser is a gentle face cleaner that’s been pH balanced for essentially the most vulnerable female skin

It will not sting skin and does not contain alcohol

Make use of it as a regular body wash with water which is warm after hair removal

Very powerful as it contains antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal herbs

Vendor: Greenway Health Market

Price: 27.95 USD

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Bump Destroy™ Bikini Bump G3 Aftershave

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