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So Well Essential Pain Relief Bath Soak

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Directions: Dissolve under walking warm bath water, slip in…and rest

Extremely concentrated, only 2 teaspoons is necessary per bath

Warm salt baths and also hydrotherapy are treating chronic pain since age-old times

Highly regenerative, our formulation features fresh Himalayan crystal salt, prized for the mineral content of its, purification apple cider vinegar and baking soda, antioxidant rich green tea extract as well as healing essential oils known for the anti inflammatory properties of theirs

Combined using a pair of scissors in batches which are small for pleasure and also recovery

Our essentials are passionately produced by Dana, a woman as well as way more, that has lovingly handcrafted treatments which are natural for the family members of her for upwards of a decade

Ingredients: Himalayan salt, , green tea extract, ginger, apple cider vinegar, Aluminum free sodium bicarbonate grapefruit

Vendor: So Well LLC

Price: 25.20 USD

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So Well Essential Pain Relief Bath Soak

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